Are the media too big for their boots?

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Well of course they are. Obvious to anyone. Expecially the TV channels, where pompous anchors, full of themselves, breathe fire and brimstone at seemingly hapless politicians. But would I want it otherwise?No sirrie! Cliched as it may sound, the fourth estate cannot and should not be denigrated.

Sure some media people think no end of themselves, think that the universe exists because of them, but they do far more good than harm. No longer can corrupt poiticians or officials sell you and I down the river, as they have been wont to do over the past so many decades, without looking over their shoulder. Their smallest gaffe if discovered is put up on display and magnified mani-fold for the world to see and jeer. Media, especially television media has certainly brought in healthy debate into Indian drawing rooms. This can only make the people more tolerant of other peoples’ views.

In India where there has been an unprecedented growth of the media industry, one witnesses a lack of maturity, gravity and most times even objectivity, in reporting and programming, but that is only to be expected in the initial stages of growth. With time there is bound to be a shake-out, and we will finally get to a stage, where media, especially news media will play the role of a sober watchdog, but at the same time not losing its sting as the keeper of a nation’s conscience.

So let us forgive our news anchors their banshee like harangues, their unbelievably conceited statements, and their know it all smirks, and look behind the smoke-screen. They have been doing a really fine job. Give me that any day over a sanitised Pravda press report. Disordered chaos over the gulaag any day.

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