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City lights- car headlights, neon lights, traffic lights
Din, movement, locomotion, pollution, road-rage, fights
God exists, does not; there is chaos, there is direction
This my city, rather be elsewhere where the mind delights?

Darkness, many kilometres ahead, long way to rest
People hurt you, you hurt them back-always put to the test
Wither purpose, what to do, what is best?
Peace- can you find it, you are forever in debt

Life goes on, you live and earn and learn
See others live and live, earn and learn
Peaks and troughs, boom and recession
Periods of greatness, periods of being mean

Much discovered, then forgotten
Great philosophies expounded
Your lot sometimes good, other times rotten
No matter whether you are proud or grounded

You live and you live some more
You eat, sleep and snore
Thats all that we do
Everyones the same rich and poor

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