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Man comes into the world totally defenceless and at the mercy of others who would take care of him. His parents raise him, give him a ense of identity and self worth. Society and nation add to his sense of who he his. As he grows up and starts earning a living, his sense of who he is expands to include his colleagues and the people he interacts with. With time he marries and has children and passes on the sum of his experiences to his progeny, who in turn go through their life experiences.
In all of this man is never really alone with his own thoughts. What are his own thoughts? Are they really his own thoughts? Would a man shape up any difftrent if his circumstances were different? Is there any such thing as an innate sense of man? Who is a happy man? Is there such a thing as a happy man? Do all of us go through the motions of life without really knowing who we are?
Where does God figure in all of this? Is there a God? if there is hows can he tolerate so much cruelty in the world?Why does he allow so much cruelty? Is earth the only planet with life? Are there other worlds? Do people die in those worlds? Are they happy? Do we all feel the urge to ask these searing questions? Do we all feel this sense of empty dullness inside interspersed with moments of inspired happiness? Does anyone know complete happiness?

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