Why do people indulge in office politics?

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The reason is straightforward. Man is part of the animal kingdom, where survival, not morality, not ethics, nor any of the other values matter. And guiding man or any other animal is instinct. We often here the term animal instinct. Well that is the only one.Over the millienia man progressed and could spare some time to think about matters other than where my next meal is going to come from. Thus started the civilising process which is nothing but a veneer which prevents people from destroying each other. This became acceptable becuase it was no longer necessary to do so.The office is where man or woman earns his or her bread. This harks back to the days of the jungle when garnering as much of the available scarce resources as was possible, was the sole purpose of life, apart from reproducing. So it is in office where work occupies a distinct second priority. The top mosrt priority is baiting, entrapment, hunting and going for the kill. Of course the violence will rarely be physical,but it will be jequally devastating in its impact.This is highly irrational, because there is no need to do so. What you need to do is to perform your alloted functions efficently, and everything will fall into place. Where is the need to resort to subterfuge, when merely working hard at your job will do.But you see man or rather animal is not wired that way. It isstill either him or me. The animal kingdom has used subterfuge since the mists of antiquity. From chameleons changing colurs, to lions the colour of the grass they move around in; from crows dropping their eggsin the nests of other species of birds, to be looked after by unsuspecting foster mothers to dogs baring their teeth in show of aggression the animal kingdom is not a place of what you see is what you get.Man may have broken away from the pack and surged haed but he is still chained to his past by invisible hooks. Breaking these bonds will take sometime yet. So brace up for office politics and more for the next million years or so.

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