Artificial Intelligence in Daily Life

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We hear about how artificial intelligence has become all pervasive making its way into all kinds of systems and gadgets. People view artificial intelligence with a bit of wariness, because of its perceived nature-one that is perhaps autonomous from human control.  People fear that it might somehow make humans a little or totally redundant and that is a feeling they are not very comfortable with! Sometimes the fear of artificial intelligence almost turns into hostility when one perceives that it might take away one’s right to work and earn a livelihood.

Of course most of these fears are unfounded and artificial technology is just another technology created by humans to make their own lives better.  Sure its autonomous nature causes one to think of the best way of deploying it, but these are challenges mankind has always grappled with. From using the first horse drawn carriage to an automobile and finally an aircraft, humans always faced a struggle with regard to accepting a new, albeit better way of doing things. This was because of the perceived threat of disruption that the adoption of any new technology carried. As time went by of course, these so called disruptive technologies became a part of our lives.

Perhaps people would not be as apprehensive of artificial technology making an appearance in their lives, if they realized that the technology is already a part of their daily lives, possibly without their being aware of it. Yet they are safe and sound, and not under the despotic rule of some robotic autocrat!  That should certainly make them feel more accepting of AI in their lives.

Examples of the Use of AI in Our Daily Lives

You probably think nothing of an Amazon making a recommendation about a book or a ride sharing app like Uber organizing a cab and calculating the price that you need to pay in no time?  How does Netflix come to a conclusion that you might want to watch a certain show?
Well that’s artificial intelligence at work for you.  Using algorithms that analyse your preferences and needs, product and service companies can come up with just what you might need or desire at a point in time. This has taken some getting used to by people who are often stumped to receive notifications in their mail or social media about products and services they were at the moment contemplating buying!

However, AI is used not just for pesky marketing approaches, but for things that we would be truly grateful about. For instance by using location data collated from smartphones, Google Maps is able to analyse the traffic situation that is likely to confront you on your daily commute and suggest the optimal route to take saving you valuable time and money.
Aircraft have been flying on autopilot that could be defined as a variant of AI technology for as long as one can remember. Now, that hasn’t resulted in pilots getting laid off in large numbers. In fact, not a single one has been sacked for that reason till date. In fact it has made the airline pilots’ lives a lot easier!

Business Opportunity                            

Companies around the world realize that AI is having a seminal impact upon how businesses will conduct their affairs. It is not surprising therefore to discover that a very large proportion of start-ups these days are centered upon artificial intelligence. In terms of ubiquity you could say that AI s going the way of data. Everybody is going for it.
The way things are panning out, AI will soon be incorporated in literally everything.  From healthcare and logistics to law and transportation AI is increasingly being deployed across sectors that are the pillars of our everyday lives.  By some accounts AI is expected to add a whopping $1.2 trillion to the value of business globally, which is 70% more than the figure for the corresponding period last year. In fact it is estimated that the value derived from AI could well touch $3.9 trillion by 2022.

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