10 Simple Reasons Why It Is Important to Have a Website in 2020

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Hey! We are in 2020. The digital universe is expanding like never before. All the successful businesses have websites because they want to be under the digital umbrella. The businesses of today cannot survive without a strong online presence. If your business is still not online, it’s high time you start with the first simple step of creating a website. I shall give you a few basic reasons why you should give website creation your topmost priority.
Internet Boom

1.  Myth Buster

All kinds of myths are doing the rounds when it comes to the digital world. Some people say that only online businesses need a website, while others think that if their business is doing pretty good why should they need a website. There is no end to the reasons given by people to not have a website. But all these people are wrong. The truth is that all forms of businesses whether small, medium, large, local consultancies or anything else cannot remain unaffected by this digital revolution. Stop putting blinkers on your eyes. Be a part of this online world and reap the benefits.

2.  Power of the Internet

If you are happy running your business traditionally with old-school-tactics, it’s fine. But look around-people all over the world are hooked to their smartphones or laptops round-the-clock. According to a study done by Nielsen, 85% of consumers use the internet to find a local business today[1]. All the smart people use the internet for their business decisions. You will be doing your business a disservice by not reaching out this massive market.

3.  Today’s Customer

Our business revolves around our customers. So, it becomes very important for any successful business to gauge the mood of the customers. Today customers carry out thorough research on the net before buying any product/service. This includes making comparisons of different websites, checking the credibility of the product/service by reading the comments of the existing customers etc. It is only after doing this that they take a final decision. Now if your product/service doesn’t show up in these results then you are certainly losing business. If somebody asks me if I would do business with a company that does not have a website, the answer is no. Because I would not trust a company that does not have a website. That is the psyche of today’s customers. Now that’s bad news for your business! But you can certainly plug this hole by creating a website.

4.  Communication in the 21stCentury

Communication has made our world one big village. Distances no longer deter people from carrying out business from one corner of the world to another. With smartphones in their hands, people expect instant gratification. Desktop web traffic has been left behind by smartphone mobile traffic. Smart businesses are already online, having a global reach, very much visible to their customers. If you have a website your next customer could be from another country, which is not possible with your current marketing vehicles. Why restrain yourself and not take advantage of the communication boom? I see no reason upon the face of the earth for your business not to be online.

Smart Phone and Instant Gratification

5.   Low-Cost Advertising

As such you must be paying your employees, printing brochures and doing other marketing activities to run your business, a website is another marketing tool but with a difference. It is an advertisement which runs 24×7 throughout the year requiring only a one-time investment. Isn’t that amazing? Believe you me, you won’t get this reach with any other marketing activity. Your ads and marketing campaigns dry up over some time but a website once made properly remains there for good. The cost of creating a website is very low when compared to the returns generated by it. Anyway, the moment you have a few sales in your kitty after your website is up and running and you recover the costs!

6.   Business becomes Efficient

It is true that when any business has a smart website, then you can keep on getting leads even while you are busy with your operations or even when you are sleeping. Because a website runs 24/7. This saves you time. You can utilize this time on other aspects of the business which otherwise got ignored. You can also cut down costs by hiring fewer people since your website runs like a permanent salesperson.

7.   Brand Awareness

Websites don’t just give your business a boost by giving you prospects, but with time they enhance the credibility and goodwill of your product. Your brand may go on to have a global market. With a good website in place, you can include forums where customers can post any questions or feedback about your product/service. Now with this information handy, you can improve your product/service. This shall make your brand better and more competitive.

8.   Business doing Well

If you are satisfied with the way your business is currently, good for you! But the question is- how long can you keep this rhythm alive?  The simple fact of the matter is that people are increasingly getting used to the ways and comforts of the internet world. There is every chance they will carry out their purchase/shopping with modern methods. They want to be trendy and sound cool! So, they will give the digital world a try and believe me if they like it, you will never hear from them again. Besides, if you have a brick and mortar business location which closes after a few hours, your prospects can still find you online if you have a website. So, build a website now!

9.  Technological Ignorance

A very huge number of people shy away from building a website because they think they are not technologically smart. They think that it’s too much of a hassle. Now, this is a misconception. Because a web designer does everything for you. All you have to do is to explain your model of business to him or her. A good web designer can be found locally or you can do some research on the net and find one. Ensure you get a good, tailor-made website designed for you.

10.  Smart Competition

If you are not online yet and your competitors are, then surely, they are having a ball.
It’s time you take your share of the pie. So, build a website and be a smart competitor.
Are you ready to take the plunge now? It’s never too late. Understand that a website is going to be the face of your business online, so make it crisp to make it count. If you are aware of the nuances of the online world then you can yourself design your website with the help of Wix or Squarespace. It can be a lot of fun and a learning experience for you as well. But if you don’t have time or you are not at all tech-savvy, then contact a professional web designer. Not only will they design a website for your business, but they will also be able to optimize it for web searches as well as the various social media channels. Make it a point to update your website regularly with new offers, fresh content and deals to make it alive and kicking. Do not forget to check your competitors’ websites as these will certainly will give you some useful tips. Again, no matter where you are from, what your business is, how big or small it is, a good website will go a long way. Go ahead and showcase your business online. It surely is your time now.

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